Where To Find Psychic Readers Online

Is there something on your mind that you just can’t shake? Maybe you’re looking for some guidance from beyond. If you’re looking for a great psychic reader, then you’re in luck! There are more options than ever before, thanks to the internet.

In this blog post, we’ll share some of our favoriteĀ free psychic reading that you can find online.

#1: AskNow

AskNow is one of the top psychic networks on the Internet and has been active for more than 15 years. They are the go-to source for knowledgeable best mediums on money and finance issues, with a large selection of vetted and tested consultants at your disposal.

Finding a psychic is incredibly simple with AskNow. Simply select “Psychics” from the main menu, and then click “Filter By” at the top of the list that appears. There, you can choose a reader based on availability, reading style, price, and category.

The relevant information about each reader is routinely displayed in their profile, including their duration on AskNow, the number of correct psychic readings they have provided, client testimonials, areas of expertise, and availability.

Although not all psychic readers offer both options, psychic readings can be conducted over the phone or via online chat. There are green and purple buttons to connect by phone and chat as you peruse the listings.

Price Rates and Refund Policy

AskNow divides the prices of its online mediums into three categories to make things as clear as possible for their customers.

Technically, their Top Rated Advisors charge between $4.99 and $9.99 per minute, which is the lowest rate you’ll find on this site, but depending on your budget, it may be pricey. Finally, Master Advisors start at $13 per minute and above, while Elite Advisors pay between $10 and $12.99 per minute.

Although these costs might appear high in contrast to a site like Keen, AskNow is known to apply a more tougher screening process to all phone psychics, which does account for why obtaining an online psychic reading here costs a little more.

With AskNow’s twenty- and thirty-minute introductory rates, first-time users can save money. A detailed psychic reading costs $1 per minute, which beats the standard three-minute free readings that the majority of online reading services provide.

Additionally, if you’re dissatisfied with your reading, AskNow gives a money-back guarantee.

Services And Specialties

Money and finance-related psychic readings are AskNow’s areas of expertise. In fact, their articles section has a dedicated category for career and finance that can assist you in better comprehending any issues you may be having with your job or your investments. Additionally, there are direct links to their most popular readers on financial and professional topics at the bottom of that scroll.


#2: Keen Psychics

With 20 years of continuous operation, Keen Psychics has the largest network of online mediums available. This is definitely a website to check out, especially when you consider the really nice initial offers and reputation for excellence.

Finding a psychic reader on Keen Psychics is simple because the first option you are given is a filter that enables you to select a psychic reader according to the type of reading, method, and price range. There are other filters to help you focus your search if you don’t discover the perfect match straight away. Keep doing this until you do.

On Keen, you can get a psychic reading by phone, online chat, or email. In the event that the reader you prefer isn’t available, you can also arrange an appointment. You can request a callback on the website’s toll-free number by simply clicking the icon on their profile.

Keen controls the connection whenever you speak with a psychic reader there. Your call details are never seen by anyone. Similarly, all payments for your online tarot readings or chat psychic readings are always safe and secure, whether you use a credit card, PayPal, or a prepaid gift card.

Price Rates and Refund Policy

The first three minutes are free at Keen Psychics, however this offer is only valid for your first psychic reading. A three-minute free psychic reading is still a respectable opportunity to try out the service and is consistent with what the majority of psychic reading services provide to new customers.

Keen Psychics differentiates itself from the competition not with a free psychic reading but rather with a reasonable 10-minute reading for $1.99. The cost of a minute of reading can vary widely across readers, although the vast majority pay between $1.99 and $9.99 a minute.

If you’re dissatisfied with your reading, you can make use of the refund policy. However, you should be aware that they only offer a satisfaction guarantee of up to $25 in site credit.

Services And Specialties

  • Angel readings
  • Astrology readings
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Numerology readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Pet Psychics
  • Cartomancy readings


#3: Mysticsense

All of the advisors on Mysticsense, which provides psychic readings online by phone, chat, and live video, have undergone extensive background checks, so you can be sure that anybody you speak with on this top online psychic reading platform is genuine.

Finding a free psychic chat on Mysticsense can take as little time as you wish thanks to a search filter that lets you pick specialties, tools, reading styles, and availability.

The format of each advisor’s page also includes information on how they do online psychic readings, as well as a description of their skills. There are statistics on the amount of accurate readings performed, how long they spent on the website, and how well they were rated overall.

The top online psychics can be reached by phone, online chat, or video, though it’s crucial to keep in mind that not all readers are comfortable using all three. The more seasoned readers normally perform all three, although novice readers typically concentrate on either chat or phone.

Price Rates and Refund Policy

Five free minutes are the sole introductory offer available from Mysticsense. To acquire your free psychic reading online, you must first put $15 into your account. You can book an online reading session for $0.99 a minute.

Therefore, it’s advisable to keep an eye out for “extremely popular” psychic readers who have a lot of 4-5 star evaluations rather than “newly joined” psychics who just have one or two reviews.

Services And Specialties

Angel/Oracle Card, astrology, crystal ball, numerology, rune, and tarot readings. They also offer dream interpretation and life coaching. It would seem clear that Mysticsense would be the place to go if you’re concerned about your employment future given that the great majority of their readers identify “career” as a specialization.


#4: Oranum

Oranum is the newest website in our post, but it still stands out as a unique entity. Customers vote for their favorite advisors in weekly contests, and their live video platform occasionally has the same feel as a live theater performance as it does a free online psychic reading.

Unquestionably, Oranum’s renowned “live” chat room is its most distinctive feature. Visitors can choose their adviser by watching a reader in action as they respond to queries from fictitious consumers, rather than having to read lengthy profile statements or customer reviews.

Their live chat is a fantastic opportunity to evaluate a reader’s abilities. It’s enjoyable, free, and if you take your time, you’ll eventually be certain of who and what you’re receiving before you spend a dime.

Price Rates and Refund Policy

What is the price? It’s difficult to say. This is because they don’t disclose how much a coin costs or how many coins the advisors charge for their psychic services prior to your making a transaction to purchase the site’s currency, known as “coins.”

However, each new customer receives an additional 10,000 free coins as soon as they create an account and use a legitimate form of payment. Then, you can put these coins to any use you choose. You can choose to view video content from your preferred psychic, send a quick message, or have a reading.


#5: Psychic Source

The oldest internet psychic business, Psychic Source, has been around for 33 years, and they’re only getting better. Psychic Source can be relied upon to provide both spiritually and monetarily. It offers phone, chat, and video readings with a carefully selected group of online psychic advisors, tarot card readers, and world-class mediums.

The website for Psychic Source is really simple to use. A short video that explains how to create an account and book a reading is located right beneath the navigation banner that is located at the top of their home page.

Finding reputable psychic readers who can connect with the energy of individuals who have passed from this life can be difficult, but this is undoubtedly one of the best websites for psychic readings.

Since not every psychic has this special ability, take the time to look over the mediums at Psychic Source that have undergone training and testing in order to perform this work if you want to connect with someone who has passed away.

Price Rates and Refund Policy

Perhaps the least expensive psychic reading website is Psychic Source. A minute of psychic reading can cost as little as $4.99 or as much as $19.99. However, there are offers that first-time callers might benefit from.

Ten, twenty, and thirty-minute packages are available for new clients at $1 per minute, plus three additional free minutes. This enables all new users to schedule a good psychic reading with any reader who grabs their attention.

But do not fret. Psychic Source will give you a site credit equivalent to up to 20 minutes of your reading time back if you’re dissatisfied.

Services And Specialties

  • Dream Interpretation
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Angel Card Readings
  • Lost Object readings
  • Past Life Readings
  • Spiritual Readings
  • Tarot Card Readings


Final Takeaways

A quick web search will reveal a plethora of options for free psychic readings online. You can find everything from tarot readings to astrology charts to energy readings. So, how do you know which one to choose?

We’ve found that the best way to find a great psychic reader is to ask around. Talk to your friends and see if they have any recommendations. Once you’ve found a few names, do some research online. See what others are saying about them.

If you’re still not sure, then it’s time to take the plunge and try it for yourself. Go with your gut and choose the reader that you feel most drawn to. Remember, you can always end the call if you’re not getting what you’re looking for.

Online psychic readings can be a great way to connect with your intuition and get some guidance on your life path. Just be sure to do your research and find a reputable reader that you trust.