How to know if you are a psychic?

Psychic reading

Have you ever experienced certain feelings or encountered certain instances that your normal senses cannot rationalize, mysterious psychic with yellow tarot cards? Are you wondering whether you have psychic abilities? If you can sense, predict, and understand things, then the chances are that you might be asking yourself, “Am I a psychic, and do I possess psychic abilities?” So, what is a psychic?

Psychics will have a strong intuition that will help them see and experience things beyond this physical realm. Unusual experiences and extraordinary perceptions will be a part of their daily life. But unfortunately, the psychic abilities of a large portion of people go unnoticed. Or due to fear of judgment, people tend to ignore their extrasensory perceptions and other psychic abilities.

But how do you know whether you possess psychic abilities and whether what you experience is something real and not just some random feelings? You can look into this guide to determine if you are a psychic.

You are an amazing people reader

people reader

The first sign is that you have a built-in lie detection mechanism. And no one can lie to you as you can see straight through them. You will be an excellent people reader and might be able to understand their actions and intentions very quickly. And you might be considering pursuing a career in professions like counseling as you can read people well.

Experiencing strong intuition

If you are a psyche, there are possibilities that you might have had a strong intuition about something or someone’s future, and it happened. There are possibilities that you might ignore it by saying that it is mere confidence. But a strong sense of intuition is a pointer that you might be a psyche. So, if you have a sixth sense that gives you warning signs or informs you about the impending danger, do not ignore it. You have a solid extrasensory perception that you must hone to use best.

Déjà vu

This happens when you feel that the things or phases you are going through in the present have already happened before. It is a sense where you cannot clearly remember anything but get a feeling of familiarity. You will feel that you have visited the place or been in the same situation. This can also mean having a vision or knowledge of future events that you cannot change.



Do you feel that you can see a shadow or some images through the corner of your eyes? A Clairvoyance person will see symbols, dreams, or visions that have deep meaning. Such a person will receive intuition visually. It is not necessary to see the image or symbols through your physical eyes; they can also be seen through your inner eye.


This is a person’s ability to see a person’s past through touch. This phenomenon will enable you to experience the past of a person, thing, animal, object, or place by touching something relevant or essential to them.

Do not think possessing psychic abilities is scary as the world portrays. Rather, you will better understand yourself and the world by tapping on your energy.